About Connecticut Cinderellas

& Glass Slipper Auctions

My name is Ray Petersen, and I started collecting stamps in the late 1960's. Originally I collected the whole world, but ultimately narrowed my focus to non-postage (cinderella) stamps of Denmark, the Danish West Indies and Greenland.

Early on in my collecting I became intrigued with stamps that I could not find listed in the standard catalogues. In the 1970's I started buying foreign revenue stamps, and since I specialized in Denmark I started searching for Danish revenues, locals, and railway stamps. As I accumulated foreign revenues I decided to go into business part-time, selling foreign revenues, in order to finance my collecting.

I started my business in 1980, using the trade name R. E. Petersen, Jr. In the mid-1980's I bought a few accumulations of non-revenue cinderella material, and decided to expand the scope of my business. By the mid-1990's I recognized that the cinderella field was increasing in popularity after decades of neglect, and in 1996 I decided to leave my "real" job and devote full-time to the stamp business, trading under the name "Connecticut Cinderellas". I started working at some larger shows, and acquired the Glass Slipper Auction business from Andrew Hall of the U.K.

connecticutcinderellas.com is the newest branch of the business.