Poster Stamp Gallery

The following pages are intended as a display of various poster stamps.
The page descriptions below will describe the types of stamps displayed in the gallery.
Please click on a page link to enter that gallery, and then click on a stamp title to view the stamp and a description.
Some of the gallery pages will duplicate stamps found in other galleries if there is an overlapping theme.

 Elite Poster Stamps

This gallery will display some of the world's most rare or sought-after poster stamps.

 Unusual Poster Stamps

This gallery will display poster stamps produced in unusual formats, including die-cuts, embossing, attachments, etc.

 The Artists Gallery

This gallery will display representative examples of poster stamps designed by the world's best graphic artists and designers.

 The Thematic Gallery

This gallery will display poster stamps representing various topical or thematic collecting specialties.

 Propaganda Gallery

This gallery will display examples of poster stamps used to spread political or patriotic propaganda, including social causes.



 Note: Some of the images in the galleries are from actual poster stamps that are or have been in Connecticut Cinderella's inventory. Some of the images have been copied from other sources, such as catalogues or handbooks or other collections and inventories. If the image has been copied from another source, proper attribution will be made to such sources.




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