The Artists' Galleries
n these galleries you will find some representative examples of poster stamps designed by some of the worlds' most famous and important artists and graphic designers, as well as examples of some lesser-known artists. The galleries are arranged in alphabetical order - simply click on an artist's name to enter that gallery.


Andersen, Valdemar

Bernhard, Lucien

Böttcher, Kurt

Briggs, Clare

Bøgelund-Jensen, Thor

Cappiello, Leonetto

Deutsch, Ernst

Erdt, Hans Rudi

Gipkens, Julius

Hohlwein, Ludwig

Klinger, Julius

Loe, Joe

Mucha, Alphonse Maria

Neu, Paul

Nielsen, Henrik

Oppenheim, Louis

Petersen, Oscar

Pirchan, Emil

Scheurich, Paul





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